Manufacturer Customer Support

A small segment of the 180+ brands we carry require that customers contact them directly if/when problems arise. Don’t worry: these companies are among the top aquarium supply manufacturers in the industry. The reason they ask customers to work with them exclusively is because they have stringent quality control standards and their own specially trained technical support teams. These companies will offer customer support and repair or replace defective merchandise. Keep in mind we in no way discourage you from contacting us first. We’re happy to help troubleshoot any problems you’re experiencing and will only refer you to the manufacturer if absolutely necessary.

Here is the short list of manufacturers that require customers to contact them directly if/when problems arise:

Manufacturer Contact Information
3iQ Ventures (SCWD) 310-535-7003
American Marine 800-925-4689
AquaIllumination 515-233-5105 / Contact Support
Aqua Logic 858-292-4773
Aqua Medic 970-461-0023
Bubble Magus 909-274-9183 / Contact Support
CoralVue / AutoAqua / Maxspect / Reef Octopus / IceCap Contact Support
CPR 800-357-2995 / Email Support
Deepwater Aquatics Contact Support
Digital Aquatics Email Support
EcoTech Marine 610-954-8480 / 800-785-0338
Gryphon Corp. 818-890-7770
Innovative Aquatics 866-368-7941 / 860-213-1328
Iwaki 508-429-1440
LaMotte 410-778-3100
Milwaukee Instruments 252-443-3630 / Email Support
Neptune Systems 408-779-4090
Precision Marine 888-825-6716
PS Aquatics Email Support / Contact Support
Red Sea 888-733-7329
Reef Gently 888-788-2473 / Email Support
ReeFlo Pumps 800-477-8342
SeaSwirl (Aquarium Currents) 570-422-6755
Seneye Email Support
SpectraPure 480-894-5437
Tunze 512-833-7546
UltraLife 203-922-0066
Vertex Contact Support